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The Truth About Saccharin and Your Health – Gizmodo

The Truth About Saccharin and Your HealthGizmodoThis spurred the Saccharin Study and Labeling Act of 1977, which managed to thwart efforts to ban saccharin outright, instead simply getting it a severe warning label: "Use of this product may be hazardous to your health. This product contains …and more »

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Is Aspartame dangerous to human health?

Aspartame is a sugar alternative. It is found in most diet products such as diet coke. Are there any known health repercussions for consuming too much?

Posted by Lak

Aspartame is indeed 11% methanol (wood alcohol), which the human body
quickly turns into formaldehyde via the ADH enzyme, concentrated in
many tissues: liver, kidney, brain, retina, skin, muscle, lung, prostate, breast,
womb, fetus — forming cumulative micro lesions and a wide variety of
symptoms, and binding to and disabling DNA, RNA, and proteins.

Other methanol (formaldehyde) sources include wood and tobacco smoke,
dark wines and liquors, fruits and vegetables heated in sealed metal
and glass containers, and aspartame, as well as a variety of products
ranging from medicines to new carpet, drapes, and furniture to mobile

People vary enormously in individual vulnerability.

Folic acid can protect many people.

Prof. (retired) Woodrow C. Monte

Amid health fears, Diet Coke sweetener [aspartame] in safety
spotlight, Sean Poulter, UK Daily Mail 2011.05.27, 141 comments:
Rich Murray 2011.05.30

aspartame water in rats for 6 months causes liver harm, RH Nair et al,
Mahatma Gandhi U, Food Chem Toxicol 2011.03.02: Rich Murray 2011.03.12

careful expert lifetime study on mice shows liver and lung cancers
from aspartame, M Soffritti et al, Ramazzini Institute, Italy, checked
by US National Toxicology Program experts, confirms many previous
studies from 2001 on: Rich Murray 2011.02.27

re GC Ebers study, females harmed more by body making methanol into
formaldehyde in brain via ADH enzyme: 589 references, WC Monte,
retired Prof. Nutrition: Rich Murray 2011.01.08

aspartame abstinance cures fibromyalgia chronic pain in 2 French
adults: R Ciappuccini et al, Clin Exp Rheumatol 2010 Nov: Rich Murray

formaldehyde from 0.2 mg daily methanol from aspartame in Singulair
(montelukast) chewable asthma medicine causes severe allergic
dermatitis in boy, SE Jacob et al, Pediatric Dermatology 2009 Nov:
Rich Murray 2010.09.27

Rich Murray, MA
Boston University Graduate School 1967 psychology,
BS MIT 1964, history and physics,
1943 Otowi Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Skype audio, video rich.murray11

brief — Fwd: Aspartame Submission from Prof. Woodrow C. Monte to EFSA:
While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills 241 p — Ch 12 Autism and other
Birth Defects 26 p — 740 references full pdfs: Rich Murray 2011.11.17


Http://” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Http://…

Download Chapter 12 of the book "While Science Sleeps"

A compelling must read full of shocking facts


Are pathogenic microorganisms essential to human health?

Posted by Back 2 Basics

By definition a pathogenic microorganism is one that causes a disease state of the human body. This means that pathogenic microorganisms are not essential to human health and in fact are detrimental to it. However, many microorganisms make up the healthy flora of the digestive system which are very beneficial to human health (often termed probiotics and found in yogurt bacterial cultures). Even those helpful organisms are not essential, they are simply complementary i.e.: they form a symbiotic relationship with humans. The appendix's function is thought to be a reservoir for these helpful gut flora when the digestive tract is cleared from a diseased state. That function elucidates how helpful those microorganisms are; an organ developed to better help them survive.

How is ammonia important to human health?

I understand that it can damage your body, but how is it important ot human health?

Posted by Stephen and Anne

The human body naturally produces ammonia every day.
Ammonia naturally enters and leaves your body every day.
Ammonia is essential for maintaining the acid-base balance in your body and so keeps you healthy.
Ammonia is a critical element in the transition of Nitrogen from N2 to N1. Nitrogen in the form of N1 is an essential element for life.
Ammonia has been used for many years as a processing aid in thousands of food and beverage products.
Ammonia is present in foods. Ammonia in peanut butter (489 ppm), American cheese (813 ppm), and domestic blue cheese (1,376 ppm). The typical ammonia aroma of Brie and Camembert cheeses indicates higher levels of ammonia.
Meat that has been pH enhanced with ammonium hydroxide is a natural addition to the wide range of consumer food products that include ammonia in their processing. Of all the foods that contain ammonium hydroxide, these meats have levels lower than other foods including the before mentioned American cheese, domestic blue cheese, peanut butter and gourmet brie and camembert cheeses.
Meat that has been pH enhanced has been validated to produce significant reductions in microbial counts compared to non-enhanced meat.
As with EVERY substance, the amount (i.e., the dose) determines whether the substance has a beneficial or potentially harmful effect.

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